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Wholistic Islamic education through theory and practice 

“aLlVE educates students to be good children. With the development of piety, good morals, theoretical and practical Islamic learning, as well as displaying concern for others, it is essential to ensure that our children are better prepared to meet the challenges of the modern world.”
Ustazah Syarfa Abu Talib ~ aLlVE Principal

The Islamic Education Department (aLlVE) organizes Islamic education programs for children and adolescents. Education levels are Kids (5-8 years), Tweens (9-12 years), Teens (13-16 years), Youth (17-19 years) and ADIL (20 years and above).

The aim of the program is to establish the identity of confident, dignified and highly motivated Muslim teenagers in learning the Qur’an. Learning involves both in and out of the classroom and at home through “e-learning” involving parents.

Interested parents with any questions, please contact the mosque office at 69504267.

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