Family Development Department (FDD)

Exemplary Family, an Eternal Asset

“Shaping a successful family can achieve the aspiration of forming a virtuous society and will become an example for the community.”
Ustaz Mohd Farhan Nordin

The Family Development Department serves as a source of reference for knowledge, mentorship, guidance, courses, advice and direction on building a happy family. It runs a family program that builds resilience and unity, with positive family values. The opportunity for each family member to participate in this Department’s volunteer activities can strengthen family relationships.

The department consists of the Happy Family Development Unit, the Volunteer Management Unit (ie Youth or Ar Rijal, Muslimah or Rumaisa ‘and Muslimin or ISMAM) and Social Development Unit for zakat recipients. Befrienders is a support group to reach out to and assist the recipient.



Muslimah Volunteers


Muslimin Volunteers