Community Engagement Department (CED)

Network of Mercy, Ties of Affection

“Engaging with the community is an effort to generate Singapore’s Muslim Identity and is at the heart of our efforts to give birth to strong Muslims and at the same time be progressive as Muslims.”
Ustaz Qamarul Arifin Kamarazaman

The Community Engagement Department strives for a friendly and cooperative relationship with grassroots leadership and non-Muslim organizations. Among the community networks that need to be strengthened are the Qaryah organization, the Interfaith Faith Group (IRCC), the student association and others. The department consists of the Community Network Unit, the Community Relations Unit and the Marketing Relations Unit. Various marketing channels such as social media, posters and publications are used to educate the community and to promote the mosque. Among the activities carried out by the Department are to increase our network of partnerships, receiving local and foreign visitors and advertising activities.

Qaryah is one of the LPM’s efforts to reach out to the neighborhoods and make it a source of leadership talent at the mosque. Qaryah is partnering with LPM to bring Islamic learning to the neighborhood.