Al-Istiqamah Mosque started operating on June 11, 1999. The slogan ‘Mosque of Choice’ was used to keep the mosque close to the heart of the congregation in the effort to draw closer to Allah Almighty. Al-Istiqamah Mosque is friendly to the community, youth and family.

The Mosque Board of Directors (LPM) and its employees inculcate an excellent work culture and friendly service. We value the comfort of the congregation.

LPM values ​​our volunteers because without their support and involvement in mosque activities and events, we would not be as prosperous as we are today. Our Volunteers are the backbone of the programs and activities in the mosque.

Activities and programs of the mosque cater to all layers of society and ages, according to current needs. It includes preschool education, children and youth madrasah programs, youth and family development and enrichment programs, adult enrichment programs, cross-cultural and religious programs for non-Muslims and empowerment and financial assistance programs for the poor and needy or zakat recipients .

Developing Singapore’s Muslim Identity is at the heart of our efforts to produce a strong and progressive Muslim population. May Allah swt bless this small effort, insya-Allah.